Lance Armstrong sued for $12 million

AUSTIN, Texas – SCA Promtions to Lance Armstrong: return $12 million in bonuses and fees paid for winning the Tour de France.

SCA Promotions, beginning in 2005, has attempted to prove Armstrong cheated to win the bicycle races. Eventually, after failing to prove the allegations, the company settled and paid Armstrong. Now that Armstrong has admitted using performance-enhancing-drugs, and has had his seven Tour de France wins revoked, the company is seeking redress in civil court.

The civil action claims that Armstrong and agent Bill Stapleton conspired to “cheat SCA out of millions.” Court documents claim that under oath, in 2005, Armstrong consistently denied using PEDs to win any of the races.

“It is time now for Mr. Armstrong to face the consequences of his actions,” the suit states. “He admits he doped; he admits he bullied people; he admits he lied.”

In 2012, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency issued a report describing the doping allegations against Armstrong and his teams. Armstrong’s attorney has said in the past that since the SCA matter was settled, the court should not allow the matter to be reopened.

Via the Associated Press on Google.

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