MLB: Chris Perez, Wife Plead Not Guilty to Drug Charges

Cleveland Indians closing pitcher Chris Perez and his wife Melanie have pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor possession charges. 

This is the latest development after packages containing marijuana was mailed to their home on June 4, according to Tonya Sams of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. According to Sams, the couple entered the pleas in Rocky River Municipal Court by fax, according to Chris Perez’s attorney, Terry H. Gilbert. 

ESPN via the Associated Press adds the faxed pleas included a request that the requirement that the couple appear in person for a June 19 arraignment be dropped. 

Police were informed about the packages after Rocky River postal employees called them saying they had two packages that smelled like marijuana. After a police dog confirmed their suspicisions, a search warrant was subsequently processed to scour their rented home on Parklane Drive. 

Sams states the packages were sent from Los Angeles and were addressed to a “Brody Baum.” It just so happens Brody is the name of the Perez family dog and Melanie’s maiden surname is Baum. 

Invesitigative reports also add Perez told drug agents with a search warrant that he had pot for personal use and pointed out two jars. When asked about drugs or weapons, Perez “volunteered to direct the officers to the location of it.”

NBC Sports’ D.J. Short says the marijuana mailed to the Perez home weighed “a little more than a third of a pound or 163.9 grams.” He also adds it’s unlikely Perez will face any jail time. 

Outside legal experts say a misdemeanor drug possession charge typically is handled like a traffic ticket and might result in a fine. 

the 27-year-old Perez, who is on the disabled list with an injured right shoulder, has played in 17 games in the 2013 MLB season. He has pitched in 16.2 innings, allowing 15 hits and four home runs for a 2-1 win-loss record and a 4.32 ERA, per ESPN stats. 




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