Boxing: 'Tapia' Documentary to be Featured at LA Film Festival

“Tapia,” a documentary which features the life and times of the late boxer Johnny Tapia, will take center stage on Saturday at the Los Angeles Film Festival. 

Chris Cella of Boxing Insider adds the film will chronicle Tapia’s road to glory as well as the struggles and adversities he faced in and out of the ring. Produced by Eddie Alcazar and Andrea Monier, “Tapia” will be presented by the promotional team of Lou DiBella and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, who recently acquired the rights to the documentary. 

Tapia’s widow, Teresa, says it’s a powerful story which will the whole world will get to witness, per KOAT-TV Albaquerque’s Orlando Sanchez. 

“It’s just a very powerful story and a lot of emotion in the documentary because no one knew at the time it was his last year. New Mexico has welcomed Johnny, they’ve accepted him and they’ve embraced him as their champion, but now the world will get to witness the same thing.”

DiBella expressed thrill when asked about the opportunity to be part of the opportunity. 

“I’m thrilled to join 50 in acquiring this riveting documentary. This is not a boxing film, but a film about tragedy, triumph, demons and redemption. Johnny gives us an honest assessment of his strengths and frailties; he reminds us of the power and resiliency of the human spirit.”

The renonwned rapper said he was drawn to the project because of how it resonated with his own life. 

“I was drawn to the intensity of this project. His story resonated with me becuase like Tapia, I lost my mother to violence and grew up with limited means. It’s a heartfelt story and it was important for me to get involved with bringing this to a broader audience.”

“Tapia” director Eddie Alcazar says 50 Cent will help the film reach a broader audience. The plan, according to him, is to bring the documentary to New Mexico by the end of the year with no exact date set just yet. 


Teresa Tapia and her three children will attend the Los Angeles premiere, per Sanchez. 

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