MLB: Braves' Tim Hudson Says All-Star Voting Process is B.S.

Some of the Atlanta Braves are not in favor of the All-Star voting process. 

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s David O’Brien writes some of the Braves took exception to ESPN’s online endorsement for fans to vote for Los Angeles Dodgers rookie Yasiel Puig. Puig and Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman are among five players who are in the hunt for the National League’s “Final Vote.”

O’Brien cites a link on ESPN’s website about Puig which urged fans to “Vote him in.” There was even a statement which said “He belongs.” 

Braves second baseman Dan Uggla says Puig doesn’t deserve to make it this year. 

“Nobody has a chance (against Puig). He’s been getting covered since he broke in. And he should be getting covered; he’s an exciting story. But should he make the All-Star team?  No, not this year. But he’s going to make it. Which sucks for Freddie and other (Final Vote) guys, because they’ve been doing it the whole year.”

Pitcher Tim Hudson was more critical of the process.

“I think it’s B.S. …I mean, it’s pretty obvious what players certain media outlets want to have plugged in. It’s pretty obvious. You have young, exciting players – and they are that. I’m not saying they don’t deserve to have the opportunity to be in there, but these guys that are competing with them to get these last couple of spots, they’re just as deserving. It’s not fair. The whole fan vote thing, I think is obnoxious. I mean, the starting players in the All-Star game are determined by fans who can plug any players they want in there, and it determines home-field advantage for the World Series. The World Series!

“It’s not fair. At all.”

According to Fox Sports South, Freeman, the Braves’ best hitter this season, is leading the Final Vote as of July 8. Atlanta, which has been in control of the NL East from the very beginning of the 2013 season, has just one All-Star on the National League Roster in the person of closer Craig Kimbrel. This would be his third consecutive appearance. 

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