NFL: Bill Parcells Says Image of Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones 'Distorted'

Bill Parcells has come to the defense of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. 

Parcells, who coached the Cowboys for four years from 2003-2006, thinks Jones is a good businessman and claims he has been misperceived by others. 

“Oh, yeah, definitely, I think it’s distorted. I think there’s a definite misperception. I just think everyone thinks things are a certain way. I didn’t see it to be that way. I think Jerry is a good businessman and a good listener. What you have to do is make sense to him. You’ve got to make sense to him. If he thinks you’re making sense, he’ll alter his opinion. I enjoyed him. I like him. I like him a lot.”

The statement came from an interview with Nick Eatman of the Cowboys’ official website. Eatman adds Parcells enjoyed his experience in Dallas and that he and Jones remain friends to this day.

“I liked my experience there. It didn’t turn out perfrect from a record-standpoint. I understand all of that. But I learned a lot and enjoyed working there. 

“Jerry and I are pretty good friends. I don’t know whether or not people know that. We talk a little bit. I wouldn’t say frequently. We talked a little bit. We talked recently. It’s good. And I’m close with Stephen [Jones], too. I enjoyed working there with the Joneses. They were supportive and tried to help.”

Although Parcells enjoyed his tenure in Dallas, it didn’t end on a bright note.’s Dan Hanzus recalls his last game with the Cowboys was the infamous 2006 wild-card playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks which featured quarterback Tony Romo’s botched hold on a field-goal attempt.

Hanzus quotes Parcells from a conference call the former coach attended on Wednesday on why he left the Cowboys. 

“I was at a different age. To me, I’m trying to win the championship. When you lose like we lost that game, I’m down the road coaching-wise and age-wise and, quite frankly, energy-wise. And you start thinking about all the things to just get back where you were that moment, and sometimes it’s a little bit overwhelming. So I just decided, that’s enough, I’m getting off the field, and this time I stayed off the field.”

Parcells was elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in February and will be officially inducted next month in Canton, Ohio together with other notable names such as Warren Sapp, Cris Carter, Jonathan Ogden, Larry Allen, Curley Culp and Dave Robinson.  

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