Dereck Chisora Beats Malik Scott on Controversial KO to Win WBO Title

Dereck Chisora of England beat Malik Scott of the United States on a controversial sixth-round knockout on Saturday to win the WBO heavyweight title at Wembley Arena in London. 

According to British news site BBC, “Chisora caught Scott with an overhand right on the ropes and the American appeared to misjudge the count, failing to get to his feet in time.”

The Telegraph’s Gareth A. Davies referred to television replays when he writes Scott was still on one knee when referee Phil Edwards counted to nine. Yahoo! Sports’ Kevin Iole notes Scott appeared to get on his feet when Edwards counted to nine but the referee waived it off, declaring Chisora the winner by technical knockout. 

Iole also adds the announcers observed Scott seemed to have gotten up at “nine or nine and-a-half,” regerring to a video he posted to supplement his write-up.

Despite the controversy, Scott accepted defeat and said he won’t turn the outcome into a bigger issue.  

“He hit me with a good shot. I gave myself an eight, got up at nine and everywhere in America the count goes up to 10. 

“Everyone knows I beat the count but Dereck won a clear, fair fight and we’re not going to turn this into something.”

Chisora, who lost four of his previous six bouts, was confident if he caught Scott with a solid blow, he would go down, and he did. 

“I thought ‘if I catch him he’s going to go down’ and I caught him.” 

The 29-year-old Englishman, who is still taking anger management classes, said he was very nervous before the fight. 

“It was the most nervous I have been before a fight, because I just couldn’t afford to lose.”

The fight was close after four rounds. Chisora got things going in the first when he landed a solid right upper cut out of a combination. Scott came out of the second round with a welt under his right eye and absorbed a hard left hook on the shoulder in the third round. Things evened out from there. 

Scott, 32, suffered his first pro defeat to drop to 35-1-1 with 12 knockouts. Chisora upped his record to 17-4 with 11 knockouts. 




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