Wireless Video Transmission Attachment for Rifle Scopes

Stone Mountain, GA, August 11, 2013 –(PR.com)– Digital FOV, LLC announced today the release of Digital Crosshairs Model T100, a gun scope attachment that transmits a live video stream of a gun scope’s field of view to a remote LCD monitor, shooters video display goggles, or other device by using a miniature 2.4G wireless video transmitter attached to scope and a receiver device. This new product transmits the field of view seen through a rifle scope or spotting scope to a device that attaches to virtually any device that has a video input port. Digital FOV, LLC is in talks with shooting competitions to use this device on spotting scope in order to display targets in real time on monitors for spectators at shooting competitions. According to Henry Johns, the product developer, this tool will be useful for sportsmen and police applications.

Digital Crosshairs is a product line for a series of devices from Digital FOV, LLC that convert standard rifle and pistol scopes into digital video display devices with IR night vision at very affordable prices. Just add an IR illuminator for excellent night vision capabilities for hunting or home security.

Digital FOV, LLC is a Georgia based company that designs and manufactures attachments for optical devices that captures the field of view into a digital video stream for display, transmission, or storage. These attachments are designed for use on gun scopes, microscopes, telescopes and any optical viewing device that uses a traditional eye piece for viewing. Visit us at www.digitalcrosshairs.net or our crowd funding site at rkthb.co/29639 .

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