NCAA: FSU QB Jameis Winston Hopes Not to Catch 'Manziel Disease'

Florida State Seminoles quarterback Jameis Winston does not want to catch “Manziel disease.”

Winston, a redshirt freshman, spoke for nearly 20 minutes during FSU’s media day on Sunday. He was described by Fox Sports’ Bob Ferrante as somebody’s who’s “smart, engaging and funny.” 

When a reporter asked him about “Johnny Manziel disease,” a term in reference to the Texas A&M Aggies quarterback, Winston fired back with the line of the day. 

“If I get ‘Manziel disease,’ I want every one of y’all to get your mics and just start (Winston makes bashing motions on his head here). Just like that.” 

Winston also clarified he didn’t mean that as a slight to Manziel, whom he told reporters was a good person by nature, per Sports Illustrated. 

Florida Flambeau reporter Perry Kostidakis also posted Winston’s comment on his own Twitter account, adding “I could listen to Jameis for hours.”

The 19-year-old was also asked several questions by the media, one of which was the pressure of winning the starting quarterback job. 

“Look at everyone around us. We have a veteran offensive line, we have veteran wide receivers, we have two, three, four great backs. So there is absolutely no pressure.”

He also praised the Seminoles defense for the upcoming NCAA season. 

“Our defense is deadly this year. Being a young quarterback, facing that, this is why (coach) Jimbo (Fisher) has put a lot of quarterbacks in the NFL, facing a defense like that every time.”

He also says making people smile and laugh comes second nature to him. In fact, the Orlando Sentinel’s Coley Harvery referred to him as the “designated team goofball.”

Winston himself affirms this. 

“I love putting smiles on people’s faces. When people are down, having a bad day (he will say),’The worst thing is a rainy day with no laughs.’ When it’s a sunny day, people want to be smiling. On a rainy day, people want to be dull. There’s no reason for that. I try to make everybody smile, laugh. Every day is going to be a good day at Florida State.”

Winston, a two-sport star who is also into baseball. is currently battling it out with redshirt sophomore Jacob Coker for the Seminoles starting quarterback job. If Winston’s 12-of-15 showing for 205 yards and a beautiful 58-yard touchdown throw on his first play is any indication, he has a strong chance. 

He was a USA Today Sports first-team All-USA selection from Hueytown (Ala.) High in 2011. 


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