MLB: LA Dodgers CP Brian Wilson Offered $1M to Shave Off Beard

A razor company has offered Los Angeles Dodgers closer Brian Wilson $1 million to shave off his beard. 

The company is offering that much, an amount which matches Wilson’s 2013 salary, for him to be their brand ambassador, per USA Today Sports’ Ted Berg. 

800 Razors co-founder Phillip Masiello believes having Wilson on board will send a message to their customers how great their product is. 

“His beard is iconic, we are in the quality razor industry and want to partner with other shaving icons to show how great our product is. If it can tackle shaving a beard like this, it can work wonders on the average man.

“In addition to the financial hurdles and dealing with Brian’s agents, there is also the ‘superstitious’ element of the beard. Fans have been all over us on Twitter because they’re against him shaving.” 

Masiello was referring to tweets from fans such as this:

“Brian Wilson’s beard is the most magical thing in existence today. THE MOST MAGICAL THING. Asking is #blasphemy”

CBS Sports baseball writer Mike Axisa confirms Wilson has been wearing his beard since his former team, the San Francisco Giants, was on its World Series title run in 2010.  

Wilson was signed by the Dodgers to a contract for the rest of the season on July 30 after missing most of the last two seasons recovering from Tommy John elbow surgery. 

As early as December 2012, he was upset with the Giants for not tendering the required minimum guarantee of $6.8 million for the 2013 season. Wilson indicated back then that he would sign elsewhere, per the San Francisco Chronicle via 

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