NCAA: Aggies WR Ricky Seals-Jones Reportedly Offered $600K

Texas A&M freshman wide receiver Ricky Seals-Jones was reportedly offered $600,000 by another school prior to his commitment to the Aggies. 

This was what Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports reveals as part of the new book “The System: The Glory and Scandal of Big-Time College Football” which was written by Armen Keteyian. 

According to Wetzel, Keteyian’s book dwells on recruiting scandals and even dedicates an entire chapter on Seals-Jones, a prospect from Sealy, Texas. 

In Wetzel’s words, “The juiciest part is an alleged offer to the Jones family from a ‘top-20 program’ — not A&M — for the following: $300,000 in cash, use of a luxury suite during football season, eight season tickets and $1,000 per month for Ricky and $500 for the family.” 

However, Jones’ father, Chester, affirms the offer was “a lot higher than that.” 

The older Jones claims the offers even reached a maximum of $600,000 and that his son was approached by an SEC school and an ACC school who were both willing to double any offer that would come his way. 

Wetzel says the talented wide receiver eventually spurned these lucrative offers “out of principle and the fear of inevitably getting caught.” 

The 6’5″, 230-pound Seals-Jones was described by his strength and conditioning coach at Texas A&M, Larry Jackson, as a great physical specimen in an August 26 ESPN interview.

“The guy’s all muscle. This guy is 18 years old and he looks like a grown man. Chest, abs, everywhere there are muscles. I just have to make sure for 70, 80, 90 snaps that he can keep rolling.” 

Aggies head coach Kevin Sumlin also said,”He’s big and he’s fast and he’s got real good hands.” 

Seals-Jones ranked No. 25 in the nation’s 2013 recruiting class, per 247Sports via Bleacher Report. Additionally, he was also ranked as the No. 2 athlete in the nation and the No. 2 player in the state of Texas. 

If he lives up to the hype, quarterback Johnny Manziel may just have another reliable target in his hands aside from sophomore Mike Evans, who led the Aggies in receptions (82) and receving yards (1,105) in the 2012 NCAA season.  


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