NFL: Oakland Raiders Release P Chris Kluwe

The Oakland Raiders released controversial punter Chris Kluwe on Sunday. 

Kluwe was let go together with a fourh-round pick, quarterback Tyler Wilson. The moves will make room in the Raiders’ roster for guard Antoine McClain and defensive tackle Brian Sanford, per the San Jose Mercury News’ Jerry McDonald. 

Second-year pro Marquette King beat out Kluwe, who tweeted his thanks to the Oakland organization after his release. 

“Thanks to everyone at the Raiders for the opportunity this preseason. It was a blast. Marquette King’s got a bright future with you guys!”

King grossed 53.6 yards and netted 45.3 yards while Kluwe grossed 46.6 yards and netted 37.4 yards on seven punts, according to USA Today Sports’ Tom Pelissero. 

Several text messages Kluwe sent to USA Today Sport also said King edging him as the Raiders’ punter in 2013 makes sense.

“We both had a pretty good preseason, but as the young guy, he definitely has the higher potential ceiling. It makes sense.

“King’s got a really strong leg. He reminds me a lot of me when I was a rookie.”  

Pelissero also says Kluwe “intends to stay in shape and ‘definitely’ feels he can punt in the NFL this season.” 

Kluwe, a noted gamer and musician, has been the center of controversy in recent months due to his outspoken stance on issues such as gay marriage. He also released a memoir, “Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies,” which talks about his views of life. 

Kluwe is entering his ninth NFL season. He previously spent his first eight seasons with the Minnesota Vikings before being released last May. 

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