NFL: Broncos QB Peyton Manning Has Marijuana Strain Named After Him

A Peyton Manning brand of marijuana?

Don’t look now, but a medicinal marijuana dispensary in Colorado has named its strain of weed after the Denver Broncos record-setting quarterback, per the New York Daily News. 

“The Manning Strain — Chem 91 SFV OG Kush — is described as offering ‘The best of both worlds, a Uplifting, Happy, Euphroric, thought provoking Sativa,'” according to the report. It also adds it was especially manufactured for MS, anxiety, nausea and headaches. 

A dispensary employee told the New York Daily News the brand name shouldn’t come as a shock. 

“That happens all the time. You can grow anything and name it anything you want. Dispensaries will have the same strain but name it different things.” 

Matt Ferner of the Huffington Post notes Colorado residents voted for the recreational use of marijuana for individuals 21 and older in November. On the other hand, the NFL has a strict drug policy which forbids its players from consuming the said substance. 

Just last Thursday, Manning also grabbed headlines for his seven touchdown passes with no interceptions in a 49-27 opening day win over the Super Bowl XLVII champions, the Baltimore Ravens.  

The last quarterback who pulled off the same feat was Y.A. Tittle of the New York Giants on October 28, 1962, per’s Gregg Rosenthal. 

A photo of the Manning Strain can be seen on Fox Sports radio and television host Peter Burns’ Twitter account here


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