MLB: White Sox DH Adam Dunn Says It's 'Another Wasted Season'

Chicago White Sox designated hitter and first baseman Adam Dunn says the 2013 MLB season was another wasted one. 

Dunn’s team was officially eliminated from playoff contention on September 8. Since winning the World Series in 2005, the White Sox have made the postseason just once in the last eight years, per 

Aside from missing the playoffs since 2008, they’re also on pace to notch their worst record in 37 years, when they won just 64 games in 1976 to finish sixth and dead last in their division. 

Dunn, who himself has never been to the postseason, is getting sick of the trend.

“It’s another wasted season. I could care less what happens if you don’t make the playoffs, and we’re in the same boat as we were last year.

“(The postseason is) what my goal is, and I think that’s what everyone’s should be. It doesn’t matter what you do, if you don’t put yourself in a position to win a ring, then you’ve got to look forward and go get them next year.” 

His manager,Robin Ventura, knows where Dunn is coming from.

“Where he’s coming from as a player, at the end of the year, when you go home, that’s what you feel like. So I totally understand what he’s trying to say.” 

The 33-year-old Dunn can only hope the atrocious team streak will come to a halt next year, as he’s played in 1,862 MLB games without a single playoff game — the most by an active player. 

All he and his teammates can do right now is to make one strong final push in order to show everyone what they’re made of. 

“Now is more of a character test. It’s been a long, tough season. It would be really easy to go out there and hit a ground ball and not run it out and things like that, but now is the time when you might put 112 percent into it as opposed to 110.”

For the 2013 MLB season, Dunn has been batting .219 with 109 hits, 82 RBIs and 31 home runs, per ESPN stats.   

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