NCAA: Iowa Hawkeyes Robbed in Iowa State Locker Room

The Iowa Hawkeyes were robbed of valuables in their locker room at Iowa State on Saturday. 

The Gazette of Cedar Rapids, Ia. confirmed the missing items as well as a theft report of personal property forwarded to the Iowa State University police. A total of nine individuals declared missing personal items which included cell phones and money amounting to a total of $50. 

Hawkeyes head coach Kirk Ferentz and his players stayed longer than usual to be interviewed about the incident. 

Iowa’s athletics department issued a statement the day after. 

“Iowa athletic department officials confirmed there were items missing from the Iowa players locker room and the Iowa coaches locker room following the football game in Ames, Iowa. Iowa State officials and local law enforcment agencies were very helpful once the incident was reported after the game.”

The statement also added that Iowa State athletic director Jamie Pollard “visited personally” with Iowa athletic director Gary Barta and Ferentz as soon as he found out about the alleged robbery on Saturday night. 

Pollard said if the perpatrator is not identified, “ISU athletics will reimburse those who suffered losses.” 

Iowa State Univeristy police captain Darin Van Ryswyk told the Des Moines Register on Monday that “There was no forced entry.” He also spoke with Iowa State security, who said there was nothing out of the ordinary in terms of protocol.

“We spoke to security…and they said procedure was followed. It seems like we have counterfeit tickets for every game. Did someone conterfeit a pass for access to the locker room?

“It was very hectic, as you would expect in a crowded locker room. It was difficult to do a lot of investigating after the game. It’s not a scene where we can just lift fingerprints — there were so many people in the locker room.” 

Hawkeyes running back Mark Weisman rushed for 145 yards while quarterback Jake Ruddock threw for two touchdowns to help stave off a late Cyclones rally to win 27-21. 

The case is still under investigation. 

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