NFL: Titans S Bernard Pollard Unhappy With $42K Fine

Tennessee Titans safety Bernard Pollard isn’t happy with his $42,000 fine for his hit on Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson on Sunday. 

John Glennon of The Tennessean quotes Pollard as saying his reputation may have played part in him getting fined that big an amount. 

“I guess (my reputation played a part in that fine), I don’t know. I was surprised (at the fine), but at the same time, guys around the locker room kind of warned me about the person that I am and the history that I have.” 

Pollard also expressed his feelings about the fine on Twitter. 

“So @nfl said I did “everything right” but 42k later I still get fined. Wow! It’s called football but they want 2 hand touch. #TitanUp#”’s Marc Sessler writes Johnson suffered a concussion when he caught a 21-yard pass from Matt Schaub at the Titans’ 2-yard line in the fourth quarter of their 30-24 overtime win and then Pollard hit him, leading with his shoulder.

There was no penalty issued on the play but Pollard made contact with Johnson’s helmet. Sessler says the league considered the hit as one “to the head and neck area of a defenseless receiver,” citing an NFL spokesman.

Pollard hinted at some confusion over the league’s ruling.   

“They said I did everything right. But he was a defenseless receiver, I guess. The bad part of it is, for us as players, for the fans, for the coaches, for the refs, there’s a lot of gray area. So they don’t know what to call and what not to call. There’s no call and now you come back and fine me $42,000 for…a play that was legal.

“Flag football, that’s what they want. For us as players, it stinks. Our intent is to play football, to protect the field behind us. Nobody’s intention was to hurt (Johnson). Nobody wanted a concussion. We hope he’s okay.

“But like I said, if you don’t want us to play defense, don’t call us defense. Take us off the field. Just let them go against air. Let’s see what that does to the ratings.” 

Pollard has been fined previously by the league, including one for a late hit in last month’s preseason opener. 

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