MLB: Sen. John McCain Unhappy with Sportswriter's NL MVP Vote

Senator John McCain is unhappy with Arizona Republic sportswriter Nick Piecoro. 

According to Catalina Camia of USA Today Sports, “Arizona Senator John McCain is not buying a local sportswriter’s explanation for apparently dissing Paul Goldschmidt, one of his favorite ballplayers.” 

McCain is apparently bewildered why Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic voted for Pittsburgh Pirates center fielder Andrew McCutchen instead of Goldschmidt for 2013 National League MVP. McCutchen won the award in landslide fashion.  

The senator, whom Camia describes as “a big fan of the player known as ‘Goldy,'” made his thoughts known on Twitter on Nov. 16. He wrote,”Hard to believe anyone wouldn’t vote for one of AZ’s finest” and even posted a link to Piecoro’s article defending his vote for McCutchen. 

Here are key excerpts from Piecoro’s piece which he wrote on Nov. 14: 

“But I did not give (Paul) Goldschmidt my National League MVP vote. I understand this is not a popular decision around here. There are certain realities you have to accept in this job. One of them is that you’re never going to please everyone. Today is a day to keep that in mind.

“What you try to do — the only thing you can do — is make what you believe is the best choice. You don’t make your selection on the team you cover or based on what others’ reactions might be. You make your selection based on your convictions.

“That’s what I did with my MVP vote. It was not an easy choice. Goldschmidt had a great year. There’s no impugning any aspect of his game or character. He deserved to win the award. I just thought the Pirates’ Andrew McCutchen deserved it a little bit more.

“But, to me, value is more than just what a player does with a bat in his hands. And it’s all those other times where McCutchen made up ground on my ballot. He wasn’t the best center fielder in the league, but he was up there, and his positive defensive contributions at one of the game’s most crucial positions carried a ton of weight.”  

McCain’s support for the Diamondbacks is well-documented. He even labeled the Los Angeles Dodgers as “overpaid, immature, arrogant, spoiled brats” when they clinched the NL West title on Sept. 20 and jumped into the swimming pool at Chase Field in Arizona at game’s end. 

As for one of his favorite Diamondbacks, Goldschmidt batted .302 for 182 hits, 125 RBIs and 36 home runs in the 2013 MLB season. 

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