Just Holster It Launches New Coat Holster for Concealed Carry

Marilla, NY, May 31, 2014 –(PR.com)– Just Holster It recently launched the latest in Patent Pending Concealed Carry holsters, the one of a kind Coat Holster will revolutionize the holster industry. The unique design of this holster provides not only optimal offset on the inside of the coat concealing it behind the coat or vest edge, but also provides for total concealment inside its pouch. The unique design allows for attachment to the inside of any coat, vest, or other garment with an inside pocket.

Just Holster It said this will revolutionize the holster industry. For so many years you have been forced to buy a coat with a holster attached permanently to it, now just like the holsters you wear on your belt, you can now change your holster with your coat and the season. In addition to the Patent Pending Coat Holster they also offer Hybrid Holsters, OWB and IWB Holsters, and accessories. All holsters come with a lifetime warranty.

Like the Hybrid and OWB Holsters offered by Just Holster It, the Coat holster also offers the flexibility of buying additional gun shells allowing you to use one holster for a variety of guns. A unique feature of the Hybrid and OWB holsters is that the gun shells are interchangeable, giving you more use and flexibility with each holster and gun shell you own. Now you can reduce the number of holsters you need, spending more money on ammo. We also offer the optimal in dealer programs allowing them to reduce shell space while still expanding their inventory and customer offerings. Just Holster It is also looking for new distributors across the country, and all inquiries should be directed to [email protected]

Just Holster It is a privately owned company that is focused on not only providing the best in concealed carry holsters, but making sure the customer gets all the features they want. Just Holster It –is proud to introduce to you the latest premium upgrades available (Patent pending) in Concealed Carry Holsters. In addition to other premium concealed carry holsters, you will not find the Coat holster not offered anywhere else.

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