David Quessenberry Confirmed to Have Lymphoma

Houston Texans offensive lineman David Quessenberry was diagonsed to have lymphoma on June 10 and was placed by the team on the NFL's Non-Football Illness List.

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David Quessenberry Confirmed to Have Lymphoma
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Houston Texans offensive lineman David Quessenberry has been diagnosed with lymphoma

The Texans issued a press release on June 10 on their official website which says Quessenberry has been placed in the NFL's Non-Football Illness List: 

"Houston Texans OT David Quessenberry will be placed on the NFL's Non-Football Illness List after being diagnosed with lymphoma. 

"Quessenberry experienced fatigue and a persistent cough over the past week and sought a medical evaluation to find the cause. 

"'Our medical community here in Houston is the best in the world,' executive vice president and general manager Rick Smith said. 'We are extremely confident in the care and treatment David will receive. He is a fighter and and a courageous young man and we look forward to his full and complete recovery. We will continue to support him and his family and look forward to his return to the team.'

"David and his family have requested privacy with this matter and at this time no further details will be revealed."

Rep 1 Sports, which represents the Texans lineman, released a statement of its own (via CSN Houston's James Palmer): 

"It is with a heavy heart that we must announce that a member of our REP 1 Family has been diagnosed with Lymphoma. Houston Texans 23-year-old offensive lineman, David Quessenberry, will be leaving the game for an extended period of time while he undergoes treatment for Non-Hodgkins T Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. 

"David was diagnosed with the illness last Tuesday. He believed  he had been suffering from a chest cold when he experienced shortness of breath at a Texans practice on June 3rd. David was admitted to MD Anderson Center in Houston later that day, where he immediately began treatment that evening. 

"The goal of David's treatment is to cure the disease, so he can return to the life that he has worked so hard to earn. David is extremely positive and determined to win this fight against cancer. Our love for David is strong and we are praying for him and his family during this difficult time. All your positive thoughts and prayers for David are encouraged and appreciated."  

The Houston Chronicle's Brian T. Smith reached out to two oncologists to probe deeper into Quessenberry's situation: 

"Two oncology experts said Quessenberry faces a high-grade, life-threatening form of cancer that requires immediate treatment. He's expected to face months of chemotherapy during a process that could last years. 

"The many forms of lymphoma and multiple-recovery scenarios make Quessenberry's future health status difficult to predict. But his 'high performance data,' including youth and excellent physical shape, should work in his favor if treatment goes well.

"'It's a rapidly-growing lymphoma...But the tumors that grow most rapidly are usually the ones most sensitive to chemotherapy,' said Dr. Martha Mims, chief of hematology and oncology at Baylor College of Medicine." 

With the diagnosis, the Texans are rallying around Quessenberry, per Drew Dougherty of the Texans' official website

"David Quessenberry is fighting lymphoma, but he's not going it alone. 

"Texans head coach Bill O'Brien said Tuesday in a meeting with the Houston media, that he and the team are unified in their support of the second-year offensive lineman. 

"'From our staff, and our team, to David and his family, we're all in his corner,' O'Brien said. 'We look forward to the day that he beats it and returns to the Houston Texans. 

"The team released a statement Tuesday morning about Quessenberry's illness. 

"Quessenberry is currently being treated for the illness through M.D. Anderson hospital in Houston, and O'Brien mentioned that he'd visited with Quessenberry. He also thinks highly of the San Jose-ex. 

"'The one thing that's stood out to me personally, and our coaching staff, is what an impressive man this guy is,' O'Brien said. 'He's a guy that wanted his team to know right away that he was going to fight this thing and he was going to beat it. And we know he's going to do that.' 

"Left tackle Duane Brown admitted that the news of Quessenberry's lymphoma diagnosis 'definitely hit home, and it brings you back to reality,' But the veteran lineman's spirits were bolstered after catching up with Quessenberry, whose current attitude mirrors his demeanor on the field. 

"From the day he got here, he's one of those guys that's just very fiery,' Brown said. 'He loves to be in there. He loves the physical contact. He loves the violence of the game. When I got a chance to visit him, he never lost that attitude.'

"Center Chris Meyers echoed Brown's sentiments. 

"'Whatever he needs from us, we're going to be there for him,' Myers said. 'He told us,'Just go about your daily life, and I'm going to beat this thing.' He's got a real positive attitude about it.' 

"Quessenberry was competing at right tackle primarily, and had drawn praise from O'Brien during OTAs. Brown said Quessenberry's setback will help serve as a motivation for the team.

"'He's been battling for a starting job,' Brown said. 'Now we all have to step up our level of play to rise to the challenge. That's one less warrior that we have out there with us.'" 

Quessenberry remained unfazed and optimistic that he will conquer his situation in several tweets he posted on June 10: 

"I have been diagnosed with cancer. My fight has just begun. As long as I have breath in my lungs I will fight this disease, and I will win.

"Can't even begin to express my gratitutde to the amazing outpouring of Love and Prayers for me and my family. The support has been incredible." 


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