All Eyes on Red Wings Larkin Ahead Of Training Camp

Training camp is only  a few weeks away and the Detroit Red Wings have their eyes focused on Dylan Larkin. The player has proved to be among the most lethal skaters on the block.

Everyone has high expectations on him. In fact, the fans and fellow Wingers are hoping they will not be disappointed like they were in 2014 when rookie Anthony Mantha failed to secure a starting slot.

Mantha was actually battling for a starting position but the fractures on his body rendered the mission impossible. It’s definitely one year since the skater graduated from college hockey.

The skater is in the same league with the likes of Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk. Though most people argue that Larkin is a hardened player, the skater knows that there is so much to be learned in the big league.

At a tender age of 19 years, the skater is only buying time to grow mentally and physically. “It’s pretty cool but I’m still young,” said Larkin, who is celebrating his 19th birthday today. “I still have a lot of work to do and still have a lot of hockey to play so I’m just trying to focus on getting better for the training camp.”

From the look of things, Larkin has had a quick start in his career. It is actually the other day that he was skating for Michigan University and still managed to record 15 goals with 47 points. Back then, the rookie had only appeared in 35 contests.

Even before he was taken in by Canadiens, Larkin had already cemented his career. Prior to joining Canadiens, the rookie had made it to the worlds junior. The worlds gave him an opportunity to learn how to skate around bigger and faster opponents. It is after the worlds that he got a slot into the AHL.

“It was a major step up from college to the World Championship with the skill and speed and then coming back to the AHL was another step, jumping into the playoffs,” Larkin said. “It was a physical series and it was on a smaller rink and things happened a lot more fast. It was a long year but it was a good year.”

The Wings are scheduled to start their training camp soon. And Larkin will use the event to book his slot in the big league. The battle for a starting position is bound to be very fierce because there will be other fourteen rookies.

“I want to make the jump (to the NHL),” Larkin said. “ I signed for a chance to play in the NHL and my time in Grand Rapids, I’m more than comfortable spending time there. The coaches they brought in and the players we have we’re going to have a good team again. I’m just going to training camp and having as much fun as possible and playing some games and having fun.”

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