Calgary Flames Waiting for Jankowski to Make Debut in NHL

The Calgary Flames are keeping their fingers crossed as they patiently wait for Mark Jankowski to debut in the big league. The rookie was picked by the Flames during the 2012 NHL draft in the first round.

Regardless of that, the Flames are not rushing him to make an appearance in the NHL probably because they know he will do so in the near future. If anything, he was the best player during the 2012 draft and so they ought to buy time for him to up his game.

While critics might say he is taking too long, Jankowski argued that he should not be compared with other players in the league because some develop faster than others. After all, it’s not how fast a player develops that matters but the consistency of his wins.

“I’m not really trying to look at anything else,” he said. “Everyone’s different. Everyone develops at their own pace. From Day One, every day you’re just trying to get a little bit better no matter what you do, in the way you eat, how you sleep, how you train, how you practice.

According to Flames assistant general manager, Craig Conroy, there is no way of stopping people from debating about Jankowski or any other player. The manager pointed out that he prefers to allow people talk until they get tired of talking.

“You try not to hear that, but once it’s been said and then it’s said everywhere — Twitter and blogs — it has a life of its own,” said Conroy. “It’s hard to avoid it nowadays. I think if it happened 15 years ago it would be said once at the draft and then probably nobody would even talk about it.”

Back in 2012, Jankowski was at the top of draft rankings with 170 pounds. He had actually recorded 53 goals with 94 points for Stanstead College. At the moment, the skater weighs 198 pounds.

In fact, Jankowski is scheduled to return to Providence College this fall for the sake of making an appearance in the seniors. While there, the skater will focus on getting his degree and also develop his skating skills in readiness for a debut in the near future.

“I didn’t really honestly take too much out of that,” the 20-year-old said at Flames development camp. “People say things and I can’t control any of that. The only thing I can control is what I do and how hard I work. I feel like so far, ever since the draft, ever since I’ve laced up the skates, I’ve been a hard worker and that’s something I pride myself on.

“That’s all I can control, is how hard I work. I think I’ve done a pretty good job of that.



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