Right Hander Leake Moved to San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants are now counting their blessings after they succeeded in luring Mike Leake to leave Cincinnati Reds and join them on Thursday. Leake has been in the big league for long and so his experience could not have been ignored.

Before the Giants settled on the right hander, they were pursuing other highly rated players who included David Price and Cole Hamels. Though Hamels has already been added into the Giants roaster, the team failed to convince the Tigers to give them Price simply because they did not have experienced players that the Tigers wanted to seal the trade for.

The Giants were made to part ways with their two rookies, right-hander Keury Mella and infielder Adam Duvall. From the look of things, the Giants decided to acquire Leake because they did not have any other choice. Besides that, the transfer window was catching up with them and so the chance was almost slipping out of their hands.

Leake has so far appeared in 21 games in a starting position where he recorded 9-5 with a 3.56 ERA.  “I feel like we’ve got more depth that will give us a good chance to win, day in and day out,” said Giants general manager Bobby Evans.

Critics may argue that Leake’s trade was not fair but a keen analysis on the Giants roaster reveals that the righty’s performance is in the same level with their best starters who include the likes of Matt Cain, Tim Hudson and Jake Peavy. The three starters have 10-2 with a 3.35 ERA after appearing in 15 contests.

Leake was in Reds roaster for six seasons where he earned 62-47 with a 3.87 ERA. Throughout his career. the righty boasts with 701 strikeouts in 1,028 1/3 innings under his belt.

Judging by his history, Leake may not defeat the best starters in Giants. The righty will in fact give the team a boost in their numbers by maintaining wins. As a matter of fact, that is what Evans expects from him.

“He’s not going to overpower guys, but he’s going to be consistent,” Evans said.

On the other hand, Leake seems to play well on home ground when compared to away games. The right hander bagged 4.31 lifetime ERA and a .276 opponents’ batting average while playing in Reds facility. The same Leake scored 3.43 and .256 while playing in foreign facilities.

The coming of Leake into Giants means that they will have to bench one of their starters to create a slot for him. And that will be no other but Hudson. But it is not yet clear whether Leake will remain in Giants for the long term.

In fact, his contract will expire at the end of this season and so he might get another deal elsewhere or remain around. But that can only happen if they extend his contract.

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