Rio Ferdinand On Petr Cech: 'He Is The Best Signing In The League'

Rio Ferdinand believes Petr Cech’s signing with Arsenal is hard to top.

This is what Ferdinand told Mirror Online’s Mark Jefferies on Aug. 2:

“Arsenal have made the best signings, I would say that even if they had just signed Petr Cech. 

“He is the best signing in the league, he is that important.

“There is a huge responsibility in that position as a goalkeeper. With him in goal they have got a better chance.” 

Despite Cech signing with Arsenal, Ferdinand believes Chelsea is still the team to beat. 

He said this during a guest appearance with BT Sport (via Mirror Online): 

“I think Chelsea are the team to beat, they have for a great squad.

“That’s why they haven’t made huge strides in the transfer market because they don’t need to.

“They have got the best players and the most drilled squad.

“They know what their manager wants and they have got Hazard who is that stardust that every team needs. He can turn a game when he is not playing particularly well.”

Nonetheless, Chelsea striker Diego Costa believes Arsenal will be a championship contender this season.

Costa poured out his sentiments to Mirror Online’s Liam Corless on Aug. 2:

“Petr is a legendary player who has made a huge impact in world football. We think a lot of him. I certainly do, as a player and as a person. 

“Last season we had two top keepers. It’s important to have a keeper who you know is capable of pulling off a wonder save in the event of a defensive mistake. 

“That’s the difference when you have a top level keeper. It gives you that extra bit of confidence. 

“Now over the summer they have strengthened well. We know that they will be fighting hard to win this trophy as well as the league title. They have a good enough side to be in with a shout.” 

For his part, Cech revealed to Arsenal Magazine on Aug. 1 he had no plans of becoming a goalkeeper. 

He told he started off as an ice hockey goaltender and “a midfielder or a left winger” in football. One day, he said he substituted for a goalkeeper who didn’t show up. 

And then when he was 10 years old, he broke his leg. His hampered movement made him settle as a goalkeeper for good, per

“Then when I was about 10 I broke my leg quite badly and recovery took time. I couldn’t run and I had pain for quite a long time. 

“Being in goal means you can sit, you can lie, you can catch balls and you can still work and train. That made the biggest difference in my life because that moment defined that I stayed in goal.” 

The 33-year-old Cech agreed to a contract with the team on June 29, per

He is a seven-time Czech Footballer of the Year and a three-time winner of the Premier League Gold Glove Award. 

Cech signed a four-year, £10 million contract with Arsenal. He spent the last 11 years with Chelsea, per’s Dominic Fifield. 

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