Arsenal Beats Chelsea 1-0 For Arsene Wenger's 1st Win Over Jose Mourinho

It took some time, but Arsene Wenger finally tasted victory over nemesis Jose Mourinho. 

Arsenal beat Chelsea, 1-0, in its Community Shield match on Aug. 2. It was Wenger’s first win over Mourinho in 14 attempts, per Mirror Online’s John Cross. 

Aresnal winger Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain scored the game’s only goal in the 24th minute. After eluding Cesar Aspilicueta, he kicked the ball past Thibault Courtois, per

It was Arsenal’s first goal against Mourinho and Co. in 506 minutes, per Mirror Online

Cross says Chelsea appeared sluggish throughout the match. The Blue Lions tried to come up with an equalizer, to no avail.

Arsenal was the much sharper team. Theo Walcott, Santi Cazorla, Mesut Ozil and Aaron Ramsey looked like they were in midseason form, per Mirror Online. 

It was Arsenal’s fifth consecutive preseason win. In Arsenal’s prevoius four matches, it scored a total of 14 goals, per its official website. 

According to, this was the team’s 21st appearance in the Community Shield. The last time it faced Chelsea in this particular match was in 2005. 

Back then, only goalkeeper Petr Cech and midfielder Cesc Fabregas were around. Cech has signed with Arsenal. Fabregas is now with Chelsea, per Arsenal’s official website. 

At the end of the game, Cech played to the crowd while holding up three fingers. This signifies the number of preseason trophies the gunners have won, per Cross. 

Chelsea’s Diego Costa missed the game due to an injured hamstring, per The Independent’s Simon Rice. 

For his part, Wenger told it was an “intense” match:

“It was an intense game. We scored the first goal and after that you could see two teams playing well with full concentration, full commitment. Maybe in some parts during the game we just tried to protect our lead but you could see that my team was really determined not to give a goal away. 

“Sometimes we lost offensive potential by focusing on our defensive side, but every time we attacked, we had chances. We had many chances today and the best chances were on our side. 

“We won against a good team, we won another trophy…so that’s positive.”

Wenger then spoke about beating Mourinho for the first time, per

“There’s an extra satisfaction because we won a game between two very good teams, and we also didn’t concede a goal against the offensive potential that Chelsea has. At the end, we wanted to win and we won.

“I must honestly say that (beating Mourinho) didn’t play on my mind at all. As long as I get it served every time in press conferences it can have an impact on the team. Certainly, the way my team behaved during some periods in the game, it helped.

“It was important for them to get that hurdle out of the way.”


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