Tom Brady And Ted Wells 'DeflateGate' Testimonies Released

The NFL Players Association has released the testimonies of Tom Brady and Ted Wells. 

According to ESPN, the transcript is 457 pages long. The NFLPA filed the document in Manhattan Federal court on Tuesday. It contained the appeal testimonies of Brady and Wells on June 23. 

In it, the New England Patriots quarterback maintaned his innocence. Brady denied discussing air pressure of footballs with the Patriots’ ball boys. 

Brady also said he only knew about the NFL’s requirement for football air pressure just last year.

This was on Oct. 16, 2014. He complained about the amount of air pressure the balls had during a game against the New York Jets, per ESPN. 

Brady insisted he has never asked the Patriots’ ball boys to tamper with footballs, per ESPN. 

The NFL has suspended Brady for four games for his “DeflateGate” involvement. In addition, the league fined the Patriots $1 million. It also forfeited two draft picks from New England, per ESPN. 

After Brady appealed the NFL’s ruling, commissioner Roger Goodell attended the hearing. He upheld Brady’s four-game suspension. 

The ESPN update says both camps went to federal court. U.S. District Judge Richard Berman advised them to reach a settlement. 

For his part, Wells testified on Brady’s guilt.

He cites Brady’s refusal to provide the necessary evidence for the investigation. Wells’ team discovered Brady and two Patriots equipment managers exchanged text messages. 

The messages referred to the footballs used for the Jan. 18 AFC Championship Game, per ESPN. 

Wells denied warning Brady about the possible consequences, per ESPN:

“In my almost 40 years of practice, I think that was one of the most ill-advised decisions I have ever seen, because it hurt how I viewed his credibility. It hurt my assessment of his credibility for him to begin his interview by telling me he declined to give me the documents.

“I did not tell Mr. Brady at any time that he would be subject to punishment for not giving — not turning over the documents. I did not say anything like that.”

Brady’s lawyers did provide investigators with copies of his emails. They insist the NFL has been inconsistent in applying its own rules, per ESPN.  

In addition, they also questioned Goodell’s independence in conducting a fair hearing. However, the league’s collective bargaining agreement gives him that prerogative, per ESPN. 

On tuesday, an email from Indianapolis Colts equipment manager Sean Sullivan also made headlines. 

The email claims the Baltimore Ravens warned the Colts about deflated footballs. The Patriots allegedly used for the divisional game against Baltimore, per ESPN.  

Sullivan then sent the email to Colts general manager Ryan Grigson. The Ravens “have long denied” they warned the Colts about deflated footballs, per ESPN. 

The Patriots beat the Ravens in the divisional round, 35-31. New England then beat the Colts in the AFC Championship Game, 45-7, on its way to its fifth Super Bowl title.  

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