Seahawks Counting on Lockett's Performance in Defense

The Seattle Seahawks are pegging their hopes on wide receiver Tyler Lockett. Judging by his performance at training camp, it is certain that the rookie will enhance the hawks’ defense.

Such news are a shocker to many because Lockett was taken in as a Return Specialist to play in the special teams. It is actually Pete Carroll that brought the rookie into the limelight. 

Carroll got everyone’s attention when he decided to assigning him the position of punt returner. He looked so green for such a demanding position.

But what critics did not know is that he used to play as a receiver back at Kansas State University. Lockett has just appeared in five training sessions of training camp. His performance is very promising and that is why the Hawks are hoping that he will be ripe for a starting position in the near future.

Carroll argued  that the team wants the rookie to train much harder as he can. The head coach stated that they want Lockett to work on his performance as a punt before they can move him to a receiving role.

“He’s doing great,” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll. “We’re not going to hold him back, he’s going to push it for as much play time as he can get as receiver and then we’re giving him a great shot to be returner in both kicks and punts. He’s done a great job coming up if he can hold on to it.”

The Hawks believe Lockett has what it takes to make a debut in the big league. After all, he will not be the first player to get a breakthrough. If it has been done by others, the rookie can also make it.

By now, the Hawks are closely monitoring Lockett. They are simply buying time to find out whether he is a valuable player. And on his part, Lockett can not fail to make a debut because it will cost him dearly.

Golden Tate and Doug Baldwin rose to the top of the rankings almost immediately after being taken in. And that is exactly what the Hawks want Lockett to do.

The rookie is highly favored by his background specifically because his dad and uncle were receivers at Kansas.

 “I think it’s helped me, just because my dad taught me the mental part of the game, just being able to understand coverages, be able to understand how to get open, it’s all about getting open at the end of the day,” Lockett said.

 “Regardless of what routes you have, a lot of times it’s one on one, it’s easy to be able to find the zone and sit in it, but where a lot of people win at is at the top of their routes or beating them at the line, so those are the things that I try to emphasize, so being able to come out here against some of the great cornerbacks who know how to press and play different techniques helps me as well as other receivers be able to find different ways to get off the line.”


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