Cardinals Wide Receiver Floyd Out With Hand Injury

The Arizona Cardinals are now counting their losses after they benched wide receiver Michael Floyd due to an injury in his hand.

The wide receiver has therefore had to exit from training camp before it comes to a close. All in all, the injury was bound to happen because Floyd was vulnerable like his mates. As a matter of fact, the Cardinals have been haunted by a considerable number of injuries.

The injury was suffered on last Wednesday when the wide receiver and his mates clashed with defensive backs. And that is when Floyd went down for a pass. That was actually his end.

The pain was damn severe such that he just had to walk out of the field unceremoniously. With such an injury, Floyd will definitely be benched for the remainder of the off season. On the other hand, it is not clear when the wide receiver will be coming back.

The Cardinals have since picked John Brown as Floyd’s replacement. From the look of things, the team does not want to be caught unawares  when regular  season commences in September and that is why  they settled for  Brown.

“We are a resilient team,” safety

Rashad Johnson said. “You never like to see that happen to anybody but we have guys who can step in and play if Mike has to miss an extended period of time, but we’re hoping that he doesn’t.”

In the previous season, Floyd managed to record 47 receptions for 841 yards and six touchdowns.

In other news, Phillip Sims is battling with an eye sight problem. The doctors had recommended that he goes for operation before the condition worsens.

But Sims is not a good listener. This is because he knows that a date with a surgeon will rob him training sessions. Sims is downplaying the looming trouble. He is still training as usual.


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