Cowboys Raising the Bar For Rookie Jones

The Dallas Cowboys are now used to rookies that get breakthrough right from the moment they are brought in. And they seem to be expecting the same from Byron Jones.

Simply put, the Cowboys are losing their patience on Jones because they want him to secure a starting position sooner than soon. But that should not be the case because the rookie is still blending with the big league.

If Jones was to emulate other rookies that were picked before him in the first round, he would have to secure a slot in the starting lineup of every game that the Cowboys have played. Additionally, he would have to feature in the All-Pro team.

But that will have to wait. For heavens sake, Jones needs plenty of time to adjust himself so that he can catch up with the pace of NFL. It is therefore advisable for the Cowboys to hold on to their patience and stop comparing him to the likes of Travis Frederick and Zack Martin.

Anyone who has rubbed shoulders with him will tell you that Jones really believes in his abilities. The rookie is already thrilled by the soaring number of fans that flood the stadium.

“You come out to practice and there’s 10,000 people here, easily, all around the field, cheering your name and screaming,” Jones said.

The rookie cited huge number of followers as the major difference between college football and major league. Besides that, Jones reckons that the media puts a lot of pressure on him by creating a buzz around his personality.

The Cowboys have not yet found a position that best suits him. But it’s obvious they are buying time to observe his performance at least by the end of training camp.

A keen analysis on his history reveals that he knows how to intercept tight ends. At the moment, Jones is regarded as an all-round player but his major flaws make it hard to decide which spot to assign him.

Jones should now focus on upping his game because it’s not easy for him to get a starting position. The rookie should pray that Brandon Carr and Orlando Scandrick get benched due to injuries.



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