Super Bowl 2016 30 Seconds Ad Sells for Record $5 Million

A 30 second ad placement in the Super Bowl has reached the $5 million mark. That is 11% higher than the highest price. The price was $4.5 million for an ad. According to Businessinsider, just three years ago, an ad slot cost $3.8 million.

Now the revenue would be even more lucrative in its nature. The audience got hooked. And so the massive sales are going to go smooth as silk. Money-making is the name of the game. The Super Bowl is big business.

NBC knows that the deal is worth it. And everyone involved will get a piece of the action. There is no negative point about this campaign. As for CBS, it is entering its prime. CBS had a 1% increase in revenue. But profits took a nosedive later on. Thus Showtime got launched.

According to Mashable, an audience of 90 million households got to its platform. $100 million in profits were generated. The world is going towards smaller and slimmer bundles. The system is regulated for the better.

It’s a fact that the ads are more seen than the game every time the Super Bowl comes on TV. The costly price of the commercials tells us something. All the brands are vying with one another for slots on the Super Bowl prime time platform. And the social media’s concerned about the whole thing too.

Brands get built from the energy and talent of the admin and staff of every firm. They have value and advertising is about brand building. Once a brand has a certain prestige in society, it becomes a household name.

The fame feeds upon the fame. And finally the use-value of the product or service gets established beyond doubt. According to CNBC, the trend is towards capital accumulation. This is a bunch of tycoons playing for high stakes. And the broadcasting and costs go hand in hand.

CBS will definitely profit from the Super Bowl commercials. The more options in the populace, the more is the prosperity of the society. So we have an affluent society where every consumer has the right to know what he or she is buying. The dollars are going where they should and the payoff is in huge amounts.

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