White Sox Lefty Danks Unable to Keep Royals at Bay

Before last Friday’s game against the Royals, John Danks was the best pitcher in Chicago White Sox. The lefty is still the best only that he was paired with a much seasoned pitcher than him.

As a matter of fact, the left hander was playing very well. In fact, it seemed like the White Sox would carry the night. But at the end of it all, they were sunk by Royals with 3-2.

“He had the sixth, which was a tough inning for him,” White Sox manager Robin Ventura said. “But John has pitched well enough to win these games.”

The pitcher had initially made six innings and everyone expected him to add more scores. The game took a different turn when three runs came through Danks. The three runs costed him what he had achieved earlier.

Instead of mourning over his loss, Danks chose to be happy simply because he had done his best to keep the Royals at bay. The Royals pitcher was able to counter the moves that were made by the lefty and as it turned out, he was fighting a losing battle.

The good thing is that Danks did not take the loss while lying down. He now knows why he was beaten in his game and that is why he was all smiles after the game ended.

“Felt good,” Danks said. “I made a couple of mistakes that I got burned with, but I felt like it was a good day. Just got outpitched by a pretty good pitcher himself.”

Friday’s defeat made Danks look like a rookie and yet he is among the best pitchers in the franchise. Hell broke loose when the lefty allowed a single from Ben Zobrist, an RBI double by Lorenzo Cain and an RBI single by Eric Hosmer.

By the end of the sixth inning, the gap between the Sox and Royals was quite wide and there was no way the deficit would have been recovered. Regardless of that, the loss would have been recovered when a chance came calling in the eighth inning.

Unfortunately the chance slipped out of Sox’s hands because the second and third bases were already covered and there was not a single outing. Even a single homer that was recorded in the ninth inning by Adam LaRoche could not salvage the loss.

“All my stuff is a little better, but I’d say the cutter is more consistent,” Danks said. “Just staying down in the zone better. The balls that got up were the balls that hurt me tonight. I feel good about where I am.”


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