Benn Preparing for Stars Training Camp

Dallas Stars skater, Jamie Benn has faced the surgeon’s knife and survived. In fact, the skater is back on the ice. Benn is reportedly working out every three days in a week.

The skater is optimistic that he will have gained enough strength before the forthcoming development camp in September.

“Workouts are picking up, but it’s still controlled,” Benn told The Dallas Morning News for a report published Wednesday. “I get pretty antsy at times, but the trainers remind me that I’ve got plenty of time and just take it slow.”

Benn has been away since April after he was operated on one hip. The other hip was operated in the month that followed. It was therefore necessary to relieve him from playing roles for about four months.

By the time he was going for the twin surgeries, the Stars captain had recorded 35 goals and 87 points. Benn is looking to make a comeback on October 8 when the Stars will be clashing with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

2014-15 season was in deed a promising year for the Stars. This is because they succeeded in winning seven games out of the the ten games that they appeared in.

In fact, they were in the second position based on goals scored. They had scored at least three goals in every game. But on the other hand, they were almost at the bottom of the league rankings based on goals allowed which put them at number 26.

On his part, Benn thinks the Stars were aiming too high which is not realistic according to him. The captain also blamed himself for ruining some opportunities for the tea.

Benn pointed out that he has learned from his mistake and from now henceforth, he will keep it simple.

“There were a lot of expectations that we would be a great offensive team, and sometimes I think that can shoot you in the foot,” Benn said.

“I know I messed up a few pucks early last season by trying to be too fancy, and I learned from it. You just need to play a simple team game and then when the opportunity comes, you can let your skill take over.”

Benn knows what it takes to make it to the Stanley Cup due to the fact that he has been there once. Besides that, he led the Stars to the Western Conference and so the contest is not new to him.

Though the Stars were beaten in the Western Conference, they still managed to get skaters who have been to the contest. They include Patrick Sharp and Johnny Oduya from the Chicago Blackhawks.

“I think the biggest thing is they know how to win,” Benn said of Sharp, who won the Cup three times with Chicago (2010, 2013, 2015), and Oduya, who won it twice (2013, 2015). “They have lived it, and that’s something not a lot of us have done yet.”

“[Sharp] and [Oduya] have been through it all,” Benn said, “They’ve been in Game 7s, they’ve been the Finals, they’ve been in situations during the year where you need to win to make the playoffs. They have been through a lot, and I definitely think I can learn from them.”

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