Serena Williams Challenges Jean-Claude Van Damme's Epic Splits

When it comes to splits, Jean-Claude Van Damme is the one to beat. Tennis star Serena Williams shows off her incredible abs in a split on bars in the New York Magazine Fashion Issue.

33-year-old Serena Williams dominates tennis since a decade or so. She has her sight on the US Open next month. If she wins that tournament she will have won all four grand slams in a calendar year.

The photo shows that she is in perfect form. Is her split more epic than Jean-Claude Van Damme’s splits? The video below highlights the top 10 Van Damme splits. Serena’s split is incredible, but Van Damme just did so many more and they include a spilt between two driving trucks.


Serena Williams has a fashion line with the Home Shopping Network. Serena Williams wanted not just to design clothes but to design wedding dresses. “That was my first real love,” she says in the New York Magazine cover interview, “but then I was like, Listen. I’m playing professional tennis. I’ll just do athleticwear.”

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