Sharks Top Prospect Roy Ready For a Starting Position

Skater Jeremy Roy is now battling for a starting position in San Jose Sharks. Though the rookie is still young, he had hard times before reaching to where he is today.

Getting drafted by the Sharks was actually a problem. He almost missed it. In fact, Roy was accompanied by his family and fiancee to the 2015 NHL draft in June.

The skater was in deed in high spirits because he had anticipated that he would be taken in during the first round. As it turned out, he had brought his family to see him miss his golden chance.

“At the end of the day, I’m in the same spot now as I would be if I was taken earlier,” Roy said. “Except now, I feel like I have something more to prove.”

Roy argued that he felt devastated after failing to secure a spot on the first day of the draft. Fortunately for him, his family was there to offer the moral support that he so much needed. They actually encouraged him to hang on because the draft was not yet over.

And sure enough, everything fell into place in the second round. The rookie was thrilled beyond words when he learned that the Sharks had agreed to take him in.

“It was a hard night,” said Roy, whose last name is pronounced the same way as Hall of Fame goalie Patrick Roy. “Going in, I was confident in hoping I could get drafted in the first round.

It was a bit disappointing. Going back to the hotel with my family and my girlfriend, everybody was trying to help me. They just told me to stay positive and that they still believed in me.”

Roy stated that he gets inspired when he remembers how he struggled to secure a slot during the draft. The skater now wants to prove that he is more valuable than the second round that brought him to the Sharks.

“I’m taking the whole thing as motivation,” Roy said. “I want to show everybody that I’m worth more than a second-round pick.”

From the look of things, Roy has already proved his worth. In the previous week, he participated in the national team’s World Junior showcase in Calgary. And that was just a warm up for the 2016 worlds so there are still many more chances to showcase his abilities.

“It’s always a great experience to represent your country,” Roy said. “Playing with the best players in Canada against some of the best players in the world, it’s great. It’s about learning all the little things that I can work on to make the team.”

Fellow skater Dylan Sadowy knows Roy very well. This is because the two had a chance to skate together during development camp and at the worlds.

“I just met him this year at San Jose development camp,” Sadowy said of Roy. “He’s just a solid, puck-moving defenseman that moves the puck real well. He did real well at camp, too.”



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