Thunder Forward Durant Awaiting Return From Rehab

The Oklahoma City Thunder are currently playing without their forward Kevin Durant.  On his part, the forward feels that the injury has kept him off the court for so long.

This is probably because he has never missed any game due to an injury. But there was very little to be done with an injured foot. Durant only appeared in 27 games in the previous season.

Durant underwent a corrective surgery at the onset of the All-star break. The operation recommended that he avoids playing for quite some time. But prior to the surgery, Durant had already bagged 25.4 points in every game that he played.

Besides that, the forward had recorded shot attempts of 51 percent. Kevin has been in the big league for the last 8 seasons and that is why he feels frustrated by such a long break from the game.

Durant is actually gradually working out in preparation for a possible return before the forthcoming season. Though he is injured, the forward has been going to every Thunder’s game. He was spotted in July alongside fellow Thunders during the NBA’s Summer League in Orlando.

“I’m juiced,” Durant said, beaming. “I can’t wait to play basketball again. I’ve been out for so long. I can start to see the progress and see the work that I’ve put in come to fruition. I’m getting better every single day. I have to continue to stay patient and stay positive and it’ll work out for me.”

At the moment, the forward is able to pull up some jumpers. Durant spends most of his time working out in the gym. Moreover, he is fond of watching films with the aim of getting new tricks that can give him an edge in the next season.

Durant has already rubbed shoulders with the new head coach Billy Donovan. And he really likes him especially for assisting him during rehab sessions.

“I’ve been in OKC, and actually coach (Donovan) has been working me out this past week,” Durant said. “So it’s pretty cool to see your head coach on the floor with you and putting in work with you. So it’s like he’s been on this journey with me since he got in and that’s making us closer.”

The good thing is that Durant has not forgotten that he is still a leader. He is actually buying time to get used to the training tactics of the new coach.

“I’m trying to soak in as much information as possible on how we’re going to play offensively and defensively and what coach needs me to do as a leader,” Durant continued. “I’m seeing how coach approaches practice, learn as much as I can and get ready for camp.”



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