Bulls Point Guard Rose Back to Former Self

The Chicago Bulls point guard, Derrick Rose is now looking forward towards a good start. The point guard was actually not among his mates at the USA Basketball camp in Las Vegas.

When Rose suffered a torn ACL back in 2012, his performance turned out into a downward trend. In fact he has never finished a season since then.

There were some rumors that he could make it to the mini camp in Las Vegas. And that absence would have meant that he is not interested in going to the Olympics next year.

But all in all, Rose wants to create a balance between his health and performance and that is perhaps why he avoided the USA mini camp. In other words, he will not make it to the Olympics.

Nonetheless, USA Basketball managing director Jerry Colangelo is content with the few players at the camp.

“I’m really happy for him,” Colangelo said about Rose. “I’ve been disappointed in his injuries that prevented him from staying at a level that everyone had anticipated and he certainly wanted to be at. It was great to have him last summer in the World Cup.

I look at it this way: All we can do is invite the guys; they have to make their own decisions based on their own circumstances. If they have contract issues or health issues or personal issues they have to deal with and don’t want to commit, that’s fine. I just wish him the best. That was his call (not to come); I accept that.”

Rob McClanaghan, Rose’s trainer, is optimistic that the point guard will record better results than the previous season because he has put in a lot of efforts.

“He looks like the old Derrick to me,” said Rob McClanaghan, Rose’s trainer, at the USA Basketball camp in Las Vegas. “Now having that full year (back playing), a good playoff run, everything, the mental stuff is back, too.

I think everything has come together this summer more than last summer. He’s had momentum going into the summer unlike last year. Mentally, physically, he looks very good. There’s no reason he’s not going to have a good season.”

“I worked out Derrick and Russell (Westbrook) together,” McClanaghan said Tuesday. “It’s amazing how competitive those guys are in workouts. Unlike many guys in this league, those guys together push each other.

It was like getting back to predraft ’08. Like Russell said (of Rose), everything is back to where it used to be. Derrick’s timing is back and mentally he’s in a very good place.”

Everyone in Bulls is actually eagerly waiting for Rose to return to his former self. It is his presence that made the aspirations of scooping a championship valid until they were shuttered in 2012’s playoffs.

Though Rose is still recovering from his injury, the focus has now shifted from his condition to his performance. It seems like everyone cares about his performance than his condition.



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