Raptors Forward Ross Coming Back Next Season

Speculation is in the air on the return of Toronto Raptors forward, Terrence Ross. The forward has been away since May due to some spurs in his left ankle. The forward had to go through the surgeon’s knife to remedy the condition.

But from a distance, all seems to be well with Ross. He had in the past few days accompanied his mates to the summer league in Las Vegas. 

And that is when he got an opportunity to meet the new rookies in the franchise. Although Rose could not do anything on the court, he chose to make himself useful by becoming a temporary coach.

“I had never even had my wisdom teeth pulled out [prior to May’s procedure],” Ross said. “This was the first time I ever had to go under the needle.”

Despite the fact that he was seated, Ross maintained his control over the training session by always shouting at the rookies who included Delon Wright and Norman Powell.

At the end of it all, Ross had observed Bruno Caboclo’s performance and realized that he was not making good use of his lengthy hands.

“Bruno has super long arms,” Ross said. “He can make it hard for guys. He just has to know what to do. He’s quick enough, he has athleticism, he has the physical attributes. There are things he can do to make it tough on defenders.

It’s cool. At first, nobody knew what he could do. Once the season started and he started working out with the coaches you got a feel for it and after that he was just trying to figure things out. Seeing all the work he put in, getting to see him play live in games, he’s improving. He’s coming along.”

Ross can’t get defenders out of his head. He actually thinks about how to beat them because they have become an obstacle.

“Rather than doing East and West, just going North and South,” Ross said. “That’s what I’m trying to work on when I get back so it helps me get by defenders so I can get to the basket.”

Other than plotting against defenders, Ross is also occupied with his son. When the babyboy was born, the Raptors found it necessary to relieve him from a starting role and convert him into a reliever because it’s less demanding.

His mom is very fond of the baby. The grandma is actually inseparable from the little man. “She just loves being a grandmother,” Ross said.

“She’s always trying to come around, try to see him whenever she can. Whenever I’m going anywhere with him, she wants to go with me. She just loves having another baby around. She’s having fun with it.”

Ross is likely to return before the beginning of the next season. But that will depend on whether the trainers would have cleared him.


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