Tiger Woods to Go for Season Finale

He will ponder over the problem over the weekend. But Tiger Woods is ready. The PGA Tour season is a rare opportunity to reclaim lost glory for Woods. He has entered the Wyndham Championship. But something is amiss.

The old passion and chutzpah are gone. We find a more humbler and chastened Woods this time around. For one thing, he is not too sure of himself. He is wavering over the decision. His agent said that he is not committed.

Whether he will play or not is a moot point. It is a 50:50 proposition. It all depends on his mood. And sometimes he is not in the mood. There is no two ways about the whole thing. Transparency is the name of the game.

Tiger Woods wants to come out and say it like it is. He will decide over the inevitable fate that awaits him over the Sunday that is almost here. In case he doesn’t play, there will always be a substitute who will replace him.   

Woods has a record he wants to maintain. But the course looks a bit difficult. He has a total of five holes to play. And he is four over par. Commitment is the word. But Tiger is wishy-washy in this matter.

Although the commitments are not compulsory, they do show the mantle and grit of the players. Tiger may just do it or he may not. A last minute withdrawal may lie in the cards. It all depends on the wired circuitry in his noggin. And a lot goes on upstairs. It is a tough time he is facing as a pro. This year has not been good for Tiger Woods.  

He is at the 186th position, according to ESPN. This is pathetic for the former #1 player of the capitalist’s game of golf. After all the preparation and grooming this is not okay. His parents let him practice since he was a toddler and this is sheer wastage.

If Tiger doesn’t meet the high expectations of his fans, he will get demoted as a player. He has already suffered a lower back injury that gets in his way. The man had better pull himself together.

The world is looking on as Woods tries to prove himself on the links. Success is an elusive thing. And Tiger Woods needs more than just plain dumb luck. He needs the talent he once had in his heyday as a golfer par excellence.  

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