Tigers Righty Rondon Composed Despite Blowing Save

Bruce Rondon is definitely the best pitcher in Detroit Tigers. The argument is based on the speed of his hurls. As a matter of fact, the right hander can administer a pitch at a speed of 100 mph. His speeds are actually consistent.

But that does not mean he is not prone to losses. Rondon actually missed a save in the ninth inning on Saturday when the Tigers clashed with the Astros.

Rondon can be immune from any blame because he is still learning the ropes as a designated closer. In fact, he just started assuming  the new task a few days before Saturday’s game.

And though he missed the save, the Tigers were still able to beat the Astros with 4-2. According to manager Brad Ausmus, the righty was being taught how to deal with defeat because he is used to handling wins.

The manager pointed out that such  unpleasant scenarios should be forgotten as soon as possible because they can easily hold back any player.

Rondon had made a perfect pitch to hitter Preston Tucker at a speed of 100 mph. The speed of the ball  accelerated to 108 mph from Tucker’s strike to land in the right center field.

Despite the miss, James McCann is optimistic that Rondon will soon get used to his new spot. “With a closer in a one-run game, it’s an extremely small margin of error,” Ausmus said.

Said McCann: “We were trying to go up in the zone. He hadn’t caught up to the heater yet. Unfortunately, we missed our spot and he took advantage of it.”

“If he goes up with that fastball, he’s probably perfectly fine. It was just a little bit more down in the zone where Tucker was able to drop the barrel on it.”

McCann is optimistic that Rondon will record a save in the forthcoming games. McCann argued that the righty is very unique because it’s hard to come across pitchers like him. He called for patience as the right hander needs time to learn his new starting position.

“He’s definitely got the stuff,” McCann said of Rondon. “There’s not a lot of guys that can consistently throw 100 mph. And his off-speed stuff is leaps-and-bounds better, and it continues to improve.”



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