Astros Preparing For Outfielder Springer's Return

Houston Astros outfielder, George Springer is now all smiles. This is because the doctors have authorized him to go back to swinging the bat. The outfielder was cleared on Friday after doctors completed their routine examination of his arm.

The Astros had sent Springer to their disabled list back in July after he was found to have suffered a fracture in the right wrist. The outfielder has therefore been away for the last six weeks and two days. 

His dilemma is not yet over due to the fact that the Astros failed to give a specific date for his return. But he will have to start from rehab training because he can only come back when he is 100 percent fit to swing again.

Before the doctors issued their report, Springer was really nervous because he did not know what awaited him. All in all, he was prepared both for the good and bad news. Luckily for him, he was told what he wanted to hear.

“I didn’t really know what to do, to be honest with you,” Springer said of his reaction when he was cleared. “I prepared myself for ‘no’ and ‘yes’ and I got told yes. It was kind of a relief. It’s been hard these last six weeks to not be able to play or go out there with these guys, but I’m almost there.”

Springer showed up on Friday without a cast. According to him, it is too early to do away with a cast because his wrist needs to be covered when he is out there training to avoid any further injuries.

General manager Jeff Luhnow pointed out that it was not easy for the team to handle Springer’s absence because he really lights up the clubhouse and the dugout respectively.

“His charisma and the other elements of his personality that help in the clubhouse and dugout are still there,” Luhnow said. “But we miss the player George Springer on the field.

Normally, [being on the DL is] a time of frustration, and it’s hard for a player not to express his frustration outwardly. But George did everything he could do to help his teammates while he was not able to play on the field. That’s all you can ask, and for that [from] a second-year guy is impressive.”

Besides that, Manager A.J. Hinch stated that the Astros does not intend to rush Springer’s return. He was actually very technical by avoiding giving any date. Hinch argued that Springer’s rehab training will commence in the near future and it will be gradual for the sake of allowing him to adjust to the game.

“To get the news that we can start to progress him is the best news we could get,” Hinch said. “Moving forward we’re going to be more aggressive in some baseball activities.

He’s going to throw, eventually he’ll pick up a bat, he’ll start to move around a little bit and feel like a baseball player again. Until we take baby steps toward baseball activity, we’re not sure what or how quickly it’s going to come about.”

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