Dodgers Brandon McCarthy to Miss Division Title

It is now certain that Brandon McCarthy of the Los Angeles Dodgers will miss the division playoffs. Besides that the fate of his career in professional baseball is not yet known. This is because he has been haunted by so many injuries throughout his career.

McCarthy is currently recovering from an elbow surgery procedure that was carried out on May 1. Though he is gradually recovering from Tommy John operation, McCarthy’s chances of contesting in the division title are very narrow.

The surgery was major and so he will have a break of not less than 18 months. With that in mind, you don’t need a calculator to know that he will be back around May next year and his return is likely to follow All-Star game.

“If everything lines up and it keeps feeling good and we’re hitting every milestone that we need to, if I’m back in 12 months then I’ll be over the moon,” McCarthy said on Saturday as the Dodgers prepared to play the Reds at Dodger Stadium.

“If we have to take the time and do what we have to do to get back in 14 to 15 months, that’s what we’ll do. But if I can pitch in May next year, I’ll be thrilled.”

The last time McCarthy saw a full season was in 2014 while he was still playing for Yankees and Diamondbacks. He actually appeared in 32 games and managed to record 200 innings.

The Dodgers have not yet exhausted his abilities because they just took him in last December. The disabled list is like a home to him because he has been there enough times.

Back in 2013, McCarthy suffered a severe shoulder inflammation that caused the D-backs to add him to their disabled list for the next 60 days. However, things could be tougher this time round. This is because age is really catching up with him.

“I thought last year was going to be the new norm,” said McCarthy, who was 7-5 with a 2.89 ERA in 14 starts after the Yankees obtained him from the D-backs.

“I’m not a sunshine pusher for myself where I think everything is rosy, but last year felt like what it was supposed to feel like. I’d done so much work physically to prepare myself for that season. I thought we solved the shoulder issue.

“And this year I was fully confident that if the elbow thing didn’t happen, it would have been another year of pitching and I would have been fine. I felt like I had gotten to a place where I could focus just on pitching and not on health and I could keep improving as a pitcher.”

If McCarthy was faint hearted, he would have retired by now due to the injuries that he has experienced over the years. But he is tough and will remain in the game until he can’t play anymore.

Besides that, the pitcher is now prone to seizures and that is why he has to take prescribed medicine on a daily basis to avoid being caught unawares.

“After my [brain] surgery I wasn’t prescribed anti-seizure medicine,” he said. “Then I had the seizure and I’ve been on it ever since.”

The pitcher stated that he nowadays takes multiple drugs which in return exposes him to different side effects. But since he can not live without the medicine, he just have to get used to them.

“We don’t need to go too far into that,” he said. “There’s so many different medicines and so many different combinations. It’s something that you have to determine with neurosurgeons and go through each one and find combinations that work.

Some have a lot of side effects. Some have none. You just have to find levels that can, not only manage the seizures, but assimilate to regular life so you can live with it.”

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