Marlins Summon Ozuna, Yelich Added to Disabled List

The Miami Marlins were hoping for a great season this year thanks to their best pitchers. But it seems like the odds are against them. This is because their very best pitchers are battling with injuries.

The club announced on Saturday that it has officially summoned Marcell Ozuna from Triple-A New Orleans. On the other hand, Christian Yelich was on Monday added to the disabled list for fifteen days.

“I’m not going to worry about the past,” Ozuna said. “I’m going to worry about the present and try to finish strong.”

Yelich was relieved from playing after it emerged that he had suffered a right knee contusion. But manager Dan Jennings is optimistic that the two players will get well soon because they play so well.

“It would certainly be great to get the band back together and let’s see how they play for a while,” Jennings said. “They’re progressing the right way to come back. Hopefully Yelly is just going to be the 15 days and he will come back ready to go.”

There is no doubt that Ozuna is coming back to relieve Yelich. While Ozuna was still down in Orleans, he participated in 33 contests. Moreover, he earned .317 with five home runs and 11 RBIs in 120 at-bats.

“They told me I was going down for work, to get your feeling back, and then come back,” Ozuna said. “It’s business.”

Ozuna risked injuring his wrist while in Orleans. Fortunately for him the worse did not happen because he only skipped a couple of games. But he still went for MRI screening to make sure all was well.

“They sent me to the hospital to get an MRI,” Ozuna said. “I thought it was going to be worse. Nothing wrong. Needed a couple of days.”

Besides that, Yelich was given a break to see whether the  bruises on his right knee will heal naturally. If the problem persists, he will have no choice but to go for an MRI test.

Prior to being added to disabled list, Yelich had appeared in 30 games where he recorded .275 with six homers and 29 RBIs.

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