Ravens Head Coach Harbaugh Reflects on His Tenure in Eagles

Some times everyone needs to reconnect with their roots. And that is what Baltimore Ravens head coach James Harbaugh did when he visited the Philadelphia Eagles.

Harbaugh can forget all the other places he has toured, but there is no way he can wipe out the good memories of Philadelphia. This is because he was nurtured into the trainer that he is today while he was working for Eagles as their defensive backs trainer for approximately 10 years.

As a matter of fact, Harbaugh got his first NFL experience in Eagles when they signed him back in 1998. The head coach got a rare opportunity of recoonecting with his roots when he took the Ravens for a training session within Eagles facility.

The Ravens have made it to the playoffs ten times in a row. Harbaugh believes in persistence and being principled. And he does not see the need of employing new tactics in the game.

“If you can survive [a couple years], then you get a chance to get your feet under you a little bit as a head coach and figure out what you believe in. The thing that’s interesting to me is that everything we believed in the first day, we still believe in this day,” Harbaugh said.

Last week’s visit was not Harbaugh’s first. He has been there a couple of times with his boys. The head coach always feels at home when he drops by the Eagles. “Being here brings back incredible memories and moments,” Harbaugh said.

Harbaugh tried to reflect on all the players and trainers that he had seen come and go. They included his predecessor, Jim Johnson. The head coach pointed out that he learned so many things from Johnson.

“I learned more football in the NFL from him than anybody else,” Harbaugh said.

“[I think about] nothing more than Jim Johnson. Nothing more so than the guy I would consider the greatest defensive coach in the history of football. We’re running half his schemes out here right now. A great man, a great mentor, a great teacher.”

The head coach argued that the Ravens defense prefers to use old tactics. That means that his boys are still using the same playbook.

The legendary coach narrated how he witnessed the Veterans Stadium being brought down in 2004. Though the building is no more, Harbaugh can never forget how the rats and cats escaped from the falling structure.

“I remember sitting right in this office right here and seeing the Vet come crashing down,” Harbaugh said. “And then, like in slow-motion video, seeing the rats and cats running with the dust behind them.”




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