Ibraheim Campbell Getting More Playtime in Browns

Things are really looking up for Cleveland Browns safety Ibraheim Campbell. The rookie is now getting more playtime than ever before. That calls for a celebration  because it’s not easy for a rookie to get a starting position.

A keen analysis of his past in Northwestern reveals that he was a very intelligent player. And that is why his brains are taking him places around the big league.

“All I really wanted was an opportunity to play at this level and that’s what I have here,” Campbell said. “I’m going to try to make the most of it. It’s simple as that.

“I’m prepared to play every snap. Whatever they tell me to do, I’ll do it.”

As a matter of fact, Campbell already played in a starting position the previous week when the Browns clashed with the Redskins. The rookie argued that he always have an edge over his opponents due to the fact that he has taken time to study their possible moves and can therefore make counter moves.

The extra playtime is giving him an opportunity to learn. But despite the fact that he managed to make 49 snaps against the Redskins, Campbell argued that there is still more to learn. He stated that a lesson is not done unless he goes through the practical stints.

“No matter how smart you are, some certain things you kind of have to experience to understand,” Campbell said. “Even if you can see it, you have to kind of live through it to really understand it. That’s kind of the process I’m going through.”

From the look of things, Campbell is playing in a starting position because the Browns are short of defensemen due to injuries. The said injuries have caused the team to bench Donte Whitner.

The rookie is very flexible because he knows he can be called up to fill any position when the need arises. And that is why he has taught himself how to fit in any spot perfectly.

“The more you can do and understand, the better off you’ll be,” Campbell said. “With anything, versatility helps you as a player just to kind of be able to play different spots and understand the defense and know where other people have to be because you could be there or somewhere else.”

Besides that, the Browns learned the importance of all-round players when Tashaun Gipson was sidelined due to an injury. As a matter of fact, relieving Gipson did not leave any loop holes because Jim Leonhard was there to take his place.



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