Packers QB Rodgers Returns to Play

The Green Bay Packers were on Thursday in a jovial mood following the return of their quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. The quarterback was away for seven months nursing his injured calf. In fact he went for a surgery to correct the problem.

“I’m back to playing the way I like to play, which is to extend plays when I can and get rid of it when I need to,” Rodgers said on Thursday. “If I have an opportunity to escape the pocket and create a different angle, I’m going to.”

In his statement, Rodgers pointed out that he is now fully healed from the calf injury. The quarterback added that he can now clash with opponents without fear because he is free from any limitations.

Rodgers stated that he used his free time during the offseason to work out in the gym for the sake of reconditioning his body.

“It’s nice. It’s nice to be back,” he said. “I trained hard this offseason to keep the speed and to get my body in shape where I can have the endurance to have multiple plays like that in a game, and it definitely adds a different element to our offense.”

Head Coach Mike McCarthy was actually impressed by Rodgers’ quick recovery. The coach argued that the quarterback had been responding positively to therapy sessions.

“You want to play as fast as you can and get the ball to our offense for as many plays as possible,” McCarthy said earlier this week. “That’s definitely our formula.”

The Packers are scheduled to clash with Steelers on Sunday. And that is when Rodgers will be put to a test. He can only pass if he remains in the game beyond the first quarter.

Rodgers is optimistic that he will make more than the 33 snaps that he recorded in England. On the other hand, McCarthy seems to be a man of his words. The head coach remains put on reserving the third preseason game for starters.

That means that Rodgers can not tell when he will be playing because that decision is solely made by McCarthy. “It’s up to Mike,” Rodgers said regarding his playing time. “The goal for us is to stay healthy and find some sort of rhythm.”

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