Steelers Ian Wild Taking Time to Build Game

Pittsburgh Steelers rookie, Ian Wild understands that Rome was not built in a day. The rookie is actually not in a hurry to debut in the big league because he knows he will get there in the near future.

It’s no longer a secret that Wild is an underdog. As a matter of fact, he openly admitted to the allegation. On the other hand, the rookie does not give a damn about being less reliable. He is mainly focused on improving his performance.

And his efforts are already bearing fruits. Wild had gone to training camp as a safety but after performing a few stints, he was allowed to play as an inside linebacker.

Nonetheless, the Steelers gave him a chance because they did not have an alternative due to the fact that quite a number of starters had been benched after they suffered injuries.

Wild is very positive. In his statement, the rookie argued that he is very interested in mentoring young players who happen to rub shoulders with him in the special teams. In a nutshell, all he wants is to contribute to the success of Steelers.

“I’m just trying to make the team,” he said. “Help however I can, on special teams and on defense wherever they need me,” Wild added.  “I know I’m the underdog, so I’m just going out there and giving it everything I have,” Wild said.

In other news, wide receiver Sammie Coates is preparing for his breakthrough in NFL.  The rookie is definitely going to get a slot as a starter. He really made an impressive catch on the sideline when the Jaguars clashed with the Steelers.

But head coach Mike Tomlin is not yet satisfied by Coates performance. The coach advised the rookie to work on his tolerance because he can not go far if he keeps getting stopped by fatigue.

“He’s gotta get in better condition,” head coach Mike Tomlin assessed after last week’s 23-21 preseason loss to the Jaguars. “Fatigue was a factor, like it is with a lot of young guys. He’s gotta get better in that regard.”

“I think the more in shape he gets in terms of NFL-wide receiver shape, the more we’re going to see his skill set, like that sideline catch,” in Jacksonville, Tomlin said. “Until he does, it’s going to be up and down.

“That’s not only or him, that’s for all of them. That’s’ why we say physical conditioning precedes anything else, particularly at the wide receiver position on Sunday ball, it’s critical.”

On his part, Coates knows that he has to embrace consistency by all means because it’s what will push him up. The rookie stated that he managed to remain in the game against Jaguars because he maintained a fast pace that always gave him an edge over his opponents.

“You always have to be moving fast no matter what the situation is,” Coates said. “That’s one thing you gotta learn and that’s one thing we’re doing in camp, getting in better shape and just getting the reps.

“You gotta work your tail off every day to be in game-ready shape. It’s kind of hard to do because you can never simulate a game, how you’ll be moving and how everything’s going at speed.” “You know it’s part of the game. You’re going to get tired but you have to fight through it and keep moving fast. You gotta play when you’re tired and you gotta be fast the whole time.”



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