Bruins Talbot Looking to Win 2015-16

The Boston Bruins were left devastated when they failed to scoop the Stanley cup in 2014-15. There new acquisition, Max Talbot, is certain that the team can win the championship trophy if only they address the issues that hindered them from carrying the trophy in the previous season.

On the other hand, the Bruins have made some major changes on their staff. And by now, Talbot is familiar with the Bruins culture thanks to his extended stay in Black & Gold.

But Talbot does not see any difference in the team. According to the scater, nothing has changed because everyone in the team has the same mission. He argued that, the Bruins has valuable players and therefore did not find any reason for their defeat.

“I heard some words which I hated this summer — ‘reconstruction’ — and you know, this just [ticked] me off because we still have the core. We have a very strong core,” Talbot said in Montreal, during the fifth and final stop of the 2015 #BearTracks tour. “We have great players, and for us, I think we can only use that as motivation. It’s going to be a great season, and the Cup is up for grabs.”

Other than just skating, Talbot has turned out to be a great inspirational speaker. He keeps telling fellow skaters that victory can be achieved regardless of the previous attempts.

The skater pointed out that, the Stanley cup contest is very fair because it gives all the teams that are competing equal opportunities. While in Black & Gold, Talbot appeared in 16 games and so he now knows the training strategies of the Bruins.

Talbot is in deed a bold skater. He is not afraid of speaking the truth. He actually cited lack of inconsistency as the main reason why the Bruins could not scoop the title in the previous season. According to Talbot, winning is not an on and off thing. He advised Bruins to focus on maintaining wins throughout the season.

“I think what came out at the end of the year was a lack of consistency, and that is something that you need to have to win — to be consistent game after game,” he said. “I feel like when you start [being inconsistent] like that, you’re always kind of running after your tail, where you’re like, ‘OK, we’ve got to win this stretch; we’ve got to win the next seven to be in a great position.’ That’s a tough position to put yourself in.

Talbot also advised the Bruins not to downplay the issue of injuries. The skater pointed out that the skaters who had been benched due to injuries were in a hurry to return to the game before healing completely. And Talbot is certain that the Bruins narrowed their chances of winning when they allowed players to rush their return date schedule.

“Then you’ve got the injuries: Guys are pushing to come back from injuries, and instead of taking the extra two, three days, they’re pushing a little bit, and they don’t feel themselves. So there’s a lot of things that come into play, and a lot of details that happened last year where, you know, we were in a tough spot, and unfortunately, a lot of teams did very well as well. Look at Ottawa — the number of games they won to squeeze in was great. So a lot of factors happen.”


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