Avalanche's Forward Briere Calls It Quits

The Colorado Avalanche forward, Daniel Briere has decided to end his career.  The forward called it quits after being in the big league for the last 17 seasons. From the look of things, age factor may have pushed the forward to retire.

Despite that, Briere has had a great career in NHL. During a press briefingon Monday, the forward argued that he did not just wake up and decide to call it quits. Briere said that he took his time to think about his career and how he needed to be with his family.

“After taking a few weeks to think about it, it’s time to hang them up and spend a little more time at home with the family,” Briere said in a news release from the Flyers. “I’ve been very, very fortunate to have a chance to play with some great organizations, but at this point the family becomes a priority.”

Prior to coming to Avs, Briere had been signed by other teams including Phoenix Coyotes, Buffalo Sabres, Philadelphia Flyers and Montreal Canadiens.

During his career, Briere appeared in 973 games of the regular season. Besides that, the forward managed to record 307 goals with 696 points. Briere has really seen it all. He has participated in the Stanley cup many times and scored 53 contests.

Briere completed his career in Colorado after having played in 57 games to earn a total of four goals and four assists in the previous season. As a matter of fact, he was used to scoring game ending goals. By the end of his last season in Avs, he was in the third position based on game ending scores rankings.

The Avs will never forget how the retired forward helped them sink Arizona by scoring a game ending goal during extra time. That was in deed his twelvth time to bag such a goal in his career.

Before October 13. the Avs had not experienced a game ending goal and so when Briere sent the puck in the net in the last second of play, he broke the team’s record.

Briere came to NHL after he was picked by the Coyotes in the first round during the 1996 draft. The forward remained in Phoenix for six seasons in a row before he was transferred to Sabres.

It is actually in Buffalo that he recorded the best performance. By the close of 2007-6 season, the forward had appeared in 81 games where he recorded 32 goals with 95 points. That was pretty awesome.


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