Braves Pitcher Miller Still Missing Opportunities

Atlanta Braves pitcher, Shelby Miller is still ugly in his performance. The pitcher continued to record losses on Wednesday as the Braves clashed with Colorado Rockies.

Prior to Wednesday’s game, Miller had failed miserably in other 17 appearances. The pitcher had hoped that he would recover from his losses on that night. Miller had started the game in high spirits.

He had actually put the Braves ahead with 3-0 after defeating 14 batters. Everyone expected him to finish the game with a win. Miller saw his opportunity to win go down the drain when he allowed five hits.

For the record, Miller is currently at the top of Braves’ rankings based on losses. This is because no other player has ever recorded such losses consistently.

On the other hand, the Rockies understand that they managed to beat Miller by sheer luck. They had made several attempts in vain. Fortunately for them, they persisted and their efforts paid off when the pitcher allowed the five hits to slip past him.

“We missed a couple of opportunities early on, and when that happens, you’re always wondering if you’re ever going to get another one for the rest of the game, especially against a guy like Miller,” Rockies manager Walt Weiss said. “You’re hoping another opportunity shows up at that point, and when it did, we took advantage of it.”

Even back to back homers by Jonny Gomes and Adonis Garcia, and Jace Peterson could not salvage Miller from his losses. The homers actually allowed the Braves to start the bottom of the sixth inning.

The Braves were hoping that they would recover from their deficit but it was a little too late. This is because the Rockies outsmarted them by leaving bases fully loaded.

“[Miller] was lights out the whole ballgame,” Peterson said. “We go up right there and we get three runs. We could have gotten more, but we didn’t. That’s baseball and it happened. But hopefully, we can get him a win his next time out.”

The Rockies were very fortunate on Wednesday. Other than defeating the Braves with 6-3, they did not record even a single run from their bullpen. That is quite commendable considering that the game ended after nine innings.

“That’s what happens with this lineup. We have a pretty good lineup, and when one guy gets going, it picks up the next guy and the next guy gets going. We feed off each other.” — Barnes, on the four-run rally in the seventh inning

“I haven’t seen anything like this before, but by no means is this guy having a bad year.” — Gomes on Miller, who is 5-11 with a 2.62 ERA through 26 starts.




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