Spurs Sophia Calling it Quits After 6 Games

The San Antonio Stars will have to get used playing without Sophia Young Malcolm. This is because she has officially stated that she will be leaving WNBA after participating in the next six games.

“I’m retiring on my own terms,” she said. ‘The love and support the fans and Spurs Sports & Entertainment have given me has made me feel so blessed. I’ve been privileged to wear the Stars uniform for 10 seasons and that’s just remarkable.”

Sophia has actually been in the big league for the last ten years. And despite the fact that she is leaving the Stars at the close of this season, Sophia still trains hard like never before. In fact, she is usually the last person to leave the court.

“That sums her up more than anything,” said Stars coach Dan Hughes. “The thing you notice about Sophia from day one is her desire to improve. You look at her humble beginnings, and the fact that we’re talking about her WNBA career now, and it’s because she earned it every step of the way.”

It is therefore not surprising to learn that she is at the top of the Stars rankings based on points. Sophia started her career in basketball while still studying at Baylor university. As a matter of fact, she has been nominated to the All-WNBA four times.

Throughout her career, Sophia has recorded 14.4 points, 6.1 rebounds and 1.59 steals. Besides that, she is in the 23rd position of WNBA.

“She’s given her everything to this organization for 10 years,” said Stars teammate Jia Perkins. “Even in her last season, that’s Sophia. Always working.”

The Stars will live to remember how Sophia saved them from a looming loss when they clashed with Los Angeles during game 2 of the  the Western Conference finals. A loss at that time would have stopped the Stars from making it to the WNBA Finals.

But Sophia somehow managed to make a 14-foot bank score and fortunately, her shot ended the game. And when they made it to the WNBA, the Stars did not hesitate to win the championship.

“There are so many great memories,” Young-Malcolm said. “The Finals is obviously up there, but there are so many that I never would have dreamed of. Who would have thought a girl growing up in a two-room house with her mom and five brothers and sisters could end up here?”




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