Pistons Dinwiddie To Compete For Roaster Position in Training Camp

Training camp is around the corner. Spencer Dinwiddie is preparing for the event because he wants to use that opportunity to convince the Detroit Pistons that he is ready for the big game.

The rookie shooting guard can not afford to relax because his mates are also preparing ahead of the event that is scheduled to begin next month.

Interestingly, Dinwiddie is not battling for a starting position. He simply wants to take a bottom-up approach. He is looking to secure a relieving position.

“I’m a confident guy,” he said. “My plan is to go into camp and be the best player on the floor. We have Reggie – Reggie’s our franchise player, so he’s going to start – but being the best player on the floor hopefully will get me the backup spot. That’s my plan. It’s always been my plan.”

Nonetheless, the shooting guard knows that training camp is bound to be hot because every rookie will be playing to make an impression.

Dinwiddie already has a very positive attitude towards his seniors and juniors. He believes that the team has players that can be relied on to take the Pistons to the championships. The rookie argued that Pistons can go very far if only they utilized the seasoned and unexploited players.

The shooting guard stated that the Pistons are bound to succcess because their most experienced players have multiple year contracts which in return will increase their productivity. Besides that, Dinwiddie stated that the team is headed  for several peak seasons because the rookies will hang around for up to eight years in a row.

“The main thing is you have Stanley (Johnson), who just had a great Summer League. You have (Kentavious Caldwell-Pope), who started last year and had a really good year and a really good Summer League before that.

And then you have your two franchise guys (Reggie Jackson, Andre Drummond) already in place. Reggie is 25, but the other three are 22 or younger. So when you talk about three of your four key players 22 or younger, that means eight more years of subprime to prime basketball.

“So you’ve got them locked in for eight years and you’ve got Reggie locked in for five – his whole prime. If they can come together and be cohesive, then you’ve got a chance to have a really special little nucleus.

And then you have other talented pieces around them. I’m not going to say we’re going to win the NBA championship this year, but with those type of guys locked in for an extended period of time, you have a chance to be pretty special down the road

The absence of Brandon Jennings will definitely create a window of opportunity for rookies. This is because he will not be ready to play when training camp commences. Jennings is yet to recover from the Achilles tendon surgery.

“That’s the biggest elephant in the room,” Dinwiddie said of Jennings’ status. “Everybody wants to know what’s going to happen with Brandon. I think nobody does know as of right now. My job is to be ready, be the best player on the floor in training camp and push for playing time.”



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