Brindza Not Yet Kicker For Lions

Kyle Brindza will have to wait a little bit longer before he can become the designated kicker for Detroit Lions. This is because the Lions already found a kicker in Matt Prater.

Nonetheless, Brindza has been training tirelessly even when it’s crystal clear that he will not get a starting position. The Lions actually took him as a free agent. It is therefore funny to learn that they have not reserved any position for him.

Brindza wants to benefit from the opportunity of working out alongside the most experienced players who includes the likes of Prater.

Though the kicker will not get a job, he is optimistic that he could be picked by any other team in the NFL. In a nutshell, Brindza is currently building his portfolio.

From the look of things, Brindza has a long way to go. Even if Prater was to retire today, Sam Martin would be his immediate replacement and so the chances of Brindza being taken are quite narrow.

And that’s not all because the Lions are scheduled to remove quite a number of players from their roaster. But failing to secure a slot does not necessarily mean that all is lost for Brindza.

He might miss the job but can never loose the experience of training with the legends.

“It’s just a good experience for me,” Brindza said after practice as the Lions prepare for Game 3 of the preseason Friday night in Jacksonville. “Obviously, I’m pretty much home. The biggest reason I came here was to learn behind Matt Prater, who’s going to go down as one of the best in league history, in my opinion.

“He hits one of the best balls I’ve ever seen. I’ve kicked with a lot of guys around the league. I’m just able to pick his brain and learn from him – be able to understand his experiences through the NFL and how it came full cycle for him.”

On the other hand, Prater understands Brindza’s situation very well definitely because he was in the same dilemma back in 2006.

During Prater’s time, Jason Hanson was the kicker with 15 seasons under his belt. But fortunately for Prater, he got temporary opportunities with other teams such as Falcons, Broncos and Dolphins.

”You want to take bits and pieces from people and fit it to your game, to make you the best you can be,” Prater said. “I got to learn from Jason Hanson. He’s the best kicker I ever got to kick with, or against, or anything.

“You never know what’s going to happen, or who they’re going to keep around. He (Brindza) has done a great job putting his resume together, which is game film. That’s great. He’s got all touchbacks on his kickoffs, and he’s made his kicks.”


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